Welcome to bl-equine.co.uk

B & L Equine Services is a more up to date and modern alternative to its former trading name, Newland Farm & Amenity Services. The basic principal of the business stays the same, but with some changes to what is offered and how it aims to succeed.

One of the changes is the introduction of my partner, Lea to the business. Some existing customers from my former trading name might have seen her on deliveries. But as the New business needs to expand and adapt amongst this overly crammed market, extra help is required. B & L Equine Services is a family run business.

Please bear with me on getting this new website up to scratch as its all new to me, give me a tractor any day!!

One of many items I aim to stock for the 2021 season

Please have a look around and view my other pages, such as List of Jobs, Stock, About us etc (once I get them updated obviously)

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