On this page, we aim to keep you all up to date on what’s going on at B & L Equine Services, but similar posts will be found on my Facebook Page.

1st March 2021

This is the first post, its just a quick one to say Welcome to the site and please bear with me while I add more things and make it look better, as websites is a new thing to me!!

7th July 2021

Wow its been a while since anything was done on here, mainly because we use Facebook for more regular updates and also my old email address has suddenly stopped working, so the old is inactive so please get in touch via

We have quite a few bales in stock so far for the 2021 season, mainly haylage and wrapped hay, but as we are only around 1/4 way through, more stock will be available once its been harvested. A lot of people are asking for prices, but we cant 100% set a price as yet but we recon it will be of similar price to 2020, even though the cost of inputs for 2021 have risen.