We specialise in the Equine market, but do also undertake other jobs in the Agricultural Industry and similar. As we Live on a family farm, this type of work also takes up time, and such we can only travel so far to undertake jobs. But to be safe, check to see if your job is in the right area, best to get in touch.

Below are the typical types of Jobs we undertake:


We have a range of sprayers, from a basic knapsack sprayer to a 24m sprayer. But most paddock jobs are carried out with either the Quads 3m sprayer, Iseki 6m sprayer or the 10m sprayer. I am fully licensed and qualified to spray with many years knowledge.


We can apply a range of stocked fertiliser, either for paddocks or grass production for hay/haylage etc.


We can create new grass paddocks or add grasses into existing grass using an grass drill capable of doing both.


We can harrow your paddocks with a set of opico tine harrows


If your land need aerating, we have the tool in mind, it has many rows of knives that stab the soil to allow nutrient uptake and to relieve surface compaction. On the rear is a set of harrows, which help to pull up dead grass and moss. This machine is a good 2 in 1.

More to be added……..